Intentionally Engineered

The most durable and playable turf on the market. IRONTURF™ stands up to the toughest matches, no matter the sport. IRONTURF’S benefits go beyond its pile fiber and uniform play; its woven construction also enhances playability, durability and safety.

The Only True Recyclable Turf

IRONTURF is available with polyolefin coating for a 100% recyclable system, the first of its kind. It’s good for the game as well as the planet.

Built for Performance

IRONTURF’S superior durability begins with an innovative dual fiber system – exclusive to TenCate Grass – that utilizes a unique combination of the best fibers: The durable, flexible, isotropic XP slit film fiber and the strong, thicker diamond monofilament fiber.

The dual fibers are woven together in a MatriX diamond pattern for better ball behavior, boosting player performance and ball-handling.

IRONTURF surpassed 300,000 cycles on the Lisport linear abrader proving it is built for hard-driving athletes. No other system comes close to this level.

Prioritized Player Safety

IRONTURF’S revolutionary patented woven technology creates uniform space between the fiber bundles. This decreases infill compaction and migration, providing surface stability and support for predictable, uniform traction, shock attenuation, and rotational resistance.

Invest in the safety of every player that steps on your field with uniform traction and decreased infill compaction.

Your Team. Your Field. Your Way.

Join the Revolution

The field is where the fibers and construction are put to the real test. On the field, there are no controlled settings. There are hard tackles, quick slides, thumping feet, and blazing sunlight. IRONTURF holds up to all that – and more.


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